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The Early Years Podcast Episode 017

Ali McClure, March 2017

In episode 17 of the Early Years Podcast, we speak to Ali McClure; education and parenting trainer, consultant and author.

Ali is probably best known for her book “Making better for boys: in schools, families and communities” and we discuss that in reasonable depth.

We find out how the opportunity to write a book came about and we have a rather interesting discussion about testosterone and its impact on child development.

We discuss Ali’s work journey from primary school teacher to early years and her work with parents. We also discuss her rather unique approach to delivering training courses which you will enjoy if you get the chance and which often involves things like teepee!

There was some passionate discussion involving words like developmental and appropriate and a whole lot more for you to get your ears into (if that’s something that is possible).

Right at the very end, I answer a question from a listener called Jon and I quite enjoyed being helpful. So, if you have your own question for us, please feel free to ask us on twitter at EYpodcast, in the comments below or by email. or in the comments below. As always, we hope you enjoy listening.