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The Early Years Podcast Episode 006

Communicative Musicality with Dr Carolyn Blackburn, February 2016

In episode six of the Early Years Podcast, we talk to Dr Carolyn Blackburn of Birmingham City University about her research on Communicate Musicality.

The study – ‘Communicative musicality: sound, pulse and rhythm in music and language‘ – explores young children’s musical interactions in early years settings and in the home.

Central to the discussion is the assertion that sound, pulse and rhythm are of vital importance to child development.

This seems obvious: childcare settings are filled with music and rhythm in abundance. However, the presence of sound does not mean that practice fully reflects the potential to enhance development, in particular in communication and language skills. In fact, Carolyn suggests that the same is not prominent enough in the EYFS framework.

We cover:

  • the basics of communicative musicality
  • why more awareness of communicative musicality is important
  • key findings and recommendations from the study for practitioners, parents and policy makers
  • potential impacts of differences in culture
  • how technology and age impact our social interactions around music
  • limitations of the study and what happens next
  • where you can find out more.

Hope you enjoy listening and let us know what you think. And don’t forget to connect with Carolyn on twitter too.