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The Early Years Podcast Episode 008

Contingency planning, May 2016

In episode 8 of the Early Years Podcast, I ask my favourite co-host Heather Stallard where on earth she’s been.

Heather recently had first-hand experience that even the best laid plans can go awry simply because life throws a curve ball at you. In this case, a serious and mysterious nursery manager plague struck her down.

Fortunately, Heather is restored to full health and once again firing on all cylinders in the way that only she can.

When we were planning how to get the podcast back on track, I mentioned to Heather that I found it interesting that her nursery didn’t fall over during her absence. So, we decided, right there and then, to talk about it.

We quickly knocked together our makeshift studio, pressed record and explored the importance of contingency planning.

It’s just a short one, but you deserved something for the wait and Heather deserved a public platform to share some very welcome good news.

Have a listen, share it with your friends and colleagues and let us know what you think on twitter at EYpodcast or in the comments below. As always, we hope you enjoy listening.