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The Early Years Podcast Episode 005

"BARRED!" with Debbie Alcock of Influential Childcare Training, January 2016

In the fifth episode of the Early Years Podcast, we’re joined by Debbie Alcock of Influential Childcare Training.

This one is essential listening.

In any line of work, things can go wrong… sometimes with serious consequences. There are things we can do to minimise that risk – but first, we have to fully appreciate our responsibilities.

That’s what we explore today, with a focus on Debbie’s forthcoming book, “Barred: a must have guide to childcare disqualifications”. (I’m fortunate enough to have preview copy and, if you have any sort of responsibility for a childcare setting, it is essential reading).

We cover:

  • Debbie’s interesting journey in childcare
  • The importance of understanding your responsibilities (as well as some of the difficulties in understanding your responsibilities!)
  • DBS checks: benefits and limitations
  • the content of Debbie’s forthcoming book: “Barred: a must have guide to childcare disqualifications”
  • simple tips to minimise your risk
  • places you can go to get support from childcare peers

Have a listen, share it with your friends and colleagues and let us know what you think.

As always, we hope you enjoy listening.