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The Early Years Podcast Episode 011

Elizabeth Moody-Stuart of Officrèche, June 2016

In episode 11 of the Early Years Podcast, we talk to Elizabeth Moody-Stuart creator of Officrèche – a nursery and co-working space in Brighton.

Alongside full time childcare provision, Officrèche offers flexible childcare services to the local community of freelancers, flexible workers and small business owners – some of whom also pay to use the shared office space on the same premises.

It’s an interesting business model, but it’s clear that there’s demand: people travel from far and wide to use Officrèche’s services.

We talk to Elizabeth about:

  • the origins of the idea
  • the unique challenges the team face in delivering flexible care that meets the changing needs of society, while maintaining high quality childcare standards
  • the importance of building a good team
  • the advantages of bringing in experts and consultants
  • some of the excellent work Elizabeth and her team have done to promote Officrèche using social media and a content marketing strategy.

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As always, we hope you enjoy listening.