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The Early Years Podcast Episode 004

Featuring Jessica Holme, December 2015

In the fourth episode of the Early Years Podcast, we’re joined by Jessica Holme to discuss her research paper on “democracy in education”.

This one is a bit of a departure from the norm.

Jessica is a primary school teacher and her research – part of her MA – focuses on primary and secondary education. However, there are themes that cross over.

Government policy on education obviously has a direct impact on teachers of all ages. Those who are trained and experienced feel that their view on what is important should be valued, justifiably so. If that’s not the case, I think it’s fair to say there’s a problem.

Sadly, that is what Jess’s paper confirms.

We cover:

I want to say a huge thank you to Jess for filling in at very short notice and giving us plenty to think about despite a lack of preparation time. I hope our line of questioning did the paper justice, but I guess you’ll be the judge of that. Have a listen, share it with your friends and colleagues and let us know what you think.

As always, we hope you enjoy it.