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The Early Years Podcast Episode 012

Karen Corrie of Greenbank Woodland Play, July 2016

In episode 12 of the Early Years Podcast, we talk to Karen Corrie of Greenbank Woodland Play.

Greenbank is a forest school on the outskirts of Glasgow in bonnie Scotland. After the children are greeted with a brief welcome and risk assessment under shelter, it’s then all outside whatever the weather.

And I mean whatever the weather!

It’s very much about free play and the staff try not to intervene too much. So, we talk to Karen about the benefits of that approach along with:

  • the importance of children being able to assess their own risks
  • why being exposed to the occasionally harsh Scottish weather is valuable.

We also worry briefly about children increasingly staring at screens all day and the prospect of them not knowing how to play anymore.

Fortunately, Karen has lots of ideas to get children active and to exploit the great outdoors. So many in fact that I suggest that there’s business opportunity for adult woodland play, forgetting that there are massive business and survival specialists who already cater for that crowd.

We also talk about where you can get training and how to avoid ticks.

So, have a listen, go forth and put some things into practice and then let us know how you get on on twitter at EYpodcast or in the comments below. As always, we hope you enjoy listening.