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The Early Years Podcast Episode 007

Kate Peach for Prime Minister!

In episode 7 of the Early Years Podcast we talk to Kate Peach, Owner of Each Peach Childcare and of early years business consultancy Peacharno.

Kate is a prime example of someone who has been there and done that.

She started out as nanny and Nursery Nurse before working her way up to the become managing director of a group of nurseries and, subsequently, running her own businesses.

That alone makes her someone worth listening to.

Kate’s also worth listening to because she’s a great role model. That’s something that has been recognised with the award of such titles as NMT Top 20 influential nursery people and Five Most Inspirational People.

If you are passionate about childcare, particularly if you wonder what opportunities are available to you, you can’t be helped but be inspired. At the very least, you’ll have a good laugh.

We cover:

  • Kate’s journey into childcare: starting as a nanny and nursery nurse and becoming Managing Director of a nursery group
  • the importance of training and development and the benefits of mentoring
  • the ongoing battle to balance business effectiveness with quality
  • potential impacts of 30 hours childcare and what owners/managers need to do to remain sustainable/profitable
  • Kate’s work with other childcare settings and organisations, such as NEYTCO
  • some breaking news!

Have a listen, find out why we’ve titled this one “Kate Peach for Prime Minister!” and let us know what you think. And don’t forget to connect with Kate on twitter too.