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The Early Years Podcast Episode 021

Kate Shelley of Tales Toolkit, July 2017

In episode 21 of the Early Years Podcast, we talk to Kate Shelley of Tales Toolkit.

Kate explains what Tales Toolkit is and where the idea came from – and that means we delve right into storytelling.

We discuss how how storytelling can help children to develop communication skills and to identify problems and solutions and a whole lot else.

There’s some very valuable discussion on working with parents & what to do when children tell violent stories.

We discover that Kate has one of the best laughs in the whole of the early years.

We hear about some of the people who have gotten involved with the project, including the excellent organisation Think Equal, Julian Grenier and Goldsmith’s college.

And a whole lot more!

The sound quality is not quite perfect on this one, but Kate more than makes up for the odd muffle and click – so we’re sure you’ll enjoy it as much as we did.

Have a listen, share it with your friends and colleagues and let us know what you think on twitter at EYpodcast or in the comments below. As always, we hope you enjoy listening.