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The Early Years Podcast Episode 014

Kathy Brodie, August 2016

In episode 14 of the Early Years Podcast, we talk to the esteemed Kathy Brodie.

Kathy could be called a trainer, consultant, author, lecturer or an EYT (amongst many other positive things!) and all those titles would fit. I’d also be inclined to add the title “innovator” and you’ll see why when Kathy tells us about some of the exciting new projects she is working on.

One in particular to note is the new Early Years Summit: an online conference starting on Monday 12 September.

The summit features some of your favourite early years speakers and is totally FREE if you register in advance – which you can do using the link at the bottom of this page.

Before we get to that we do our best to find out what underpins Kathy’s philosophy and how she manages to be so prolific. There’s also a rather interesting discussion about the need for clarity around EYT/EYP/QTS qualifications.

We had so much fun that we even let Kathy talk about the newly returned Men In Childcare podcast.

There’s loads in here, so please go ahead and listen and we’d be ever so grateful for feedback on twitter or in the comments below. And maybe, perhaps, please definitely do give us a rating on itunes or whichever podcast player you use.

As always, we hope you enjoy listening.