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The Early Years Podcast Episode 019

Liz Gant, April 2017

In episode 19 of the Early Years Podcast, we’re joined by Liz Gant of Imagine Create.

Liz originally appeared on the podcast in at Christmas 2016 (one of the short extra episodes), so we thought it about time we had her back for an in depth conversation.

Liz’s day job is as an Early Years Manager at a school, where she found that lots of children were arriving without confidence and self esteem. Thus inspiring Imagine Create: in short, art and poetry activities and workshops to help children build confidence and self esteem.

We talk about the activities Liz will take children through in one of her workshops and more generally around what we can do as adults to develop belief in our-fine-selves.

There’s also some chat about girl-guiding and enough to make your smile, which is Liz’s expressed aim in life, including one of Liz’s excellent poems.

Get a dose of enthusiasm and encouragement by listening to Liz, so go forth and press play. Then tell your friends and colleagues and let us know what you think on twitter at EYpodcast or in the comments below. As always, we hope you enjoy listening.


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