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The Early Years Podcast Episode 002

Featuring Sarah Steel, November 2015

In the second edition of the Early Years Podcast, we talk to Sarah Steel, founder of the Old Station Nursery Group.

When Heather and I were talking about who should ask as our first guest, we thought we should start with someone who sat right in the the middle of our professional interests: me as a marketer and Heather as an educator.

Striking the balance between business and quality is increasingly important, but not easy to do. So we thought it would be interesting to speak to someone who manages to do so successfully – and Sarah was the first person who sprang to mind.

As well as finding out what Sarah got up to on her birthday week, we discuss:

    • Sarah’s previous career in Army management and how that has helped her manage multiple settings
    • the difficult balancing act of maintaining quality standards and balancing the books
    • the importance of investing in training and development for your team
    • the advantage smaller settings have over larger nursery chains
    • why Sarah devotes so much time to managing digital resources and how she manages the risk
    • 30 hrs childcare
    • and more!

Have a listen, share it with your friends and colleagues and let us know what you think. We hope you enjoy it.

Note: While we aim to become a super slick podcasting machine, there’s going to be a learning curve. Any feedback and suggestions about the content, format and any technical issues are very much appreciated indeed.