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The Early Years Podcast Episode 010

Susan McGhee, June 2016

In episode 10 of the Early Years Podcast, we speak to Susan McGhee of BNG Training.

Susan has recently been re-announced as an NMT top 20 most influential nursery person, so it shouldn’t have been any surprise to us that Susan was so very impressive!

We freewheeled across a range of subjects in this one – because we thought might as well tap into Susan’s wealth of knowledge and experience while she was here – but the focus always came back to quality.

We cover (amongst other things):

  • Susan’s start in early years and her eventual frustration with the glass ceiling
  • the inspiration behind the training service that eventually became BNG
  • BNG work with Bertram Nursery Group and with external providers
  • the importance of listening to and understanding people on the shop floor and the challenges of sharing best practice across diverse settings
  • What makes a Bertram nursery recognisable and the challenges of delivering quality service across diverse settings
  • e-learning and the future of training and development
  • Heather gets on her high horse about apprenticeships
  • how to get involved and make your voice heard!

If you like what you hear, you can find out more from Susan on twitter, on her blog and on LinkedIn and on the BNG Training website.

Have a listen, share with your friends and colleagues and let us know what you think on twitter at EYpodcast or in the comments below. As always, we hope you enjoy listening.