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The Early Years Podcast Episode 001

Featuring Heather Stallard, November 2015

In the very first edition of the Early Years Podcast, I talk to childcare expert and future co-host Heather Stallard.

Heather is one of those people who does. Aside from working on this podcast, she manages a setting in London, is a consultant for Astec Solutions Ltd and is completing a masters in childcare in practice.

To put in the sort of hours she does, you have to be deeply committed to childcare. Hopefully you’ll get a feeling for her passion across the airwaves just the same as you would if met her in person.

These are some of the subjects we cover:

  • Heather’s career to date
  • why she decided to give up primary teaching to return to early years
  • CREC’s BEEL and EEL training and improvement programme and her experience of applying it to a setting
  • why you should consider running a quality improvement project at your setting and how to go about it.

Have a listen and share with your colleagues and friends. Let us know what you think on twitter @EYpodcast or via email. We hope you enjoy it.

Note: While we aim to be a super slick machine, there is a learning curve for us. So, your feedback about the content, format and any technical issues you experience are very much appreciated indeed.

Note 2: This episode is sponsored by Astec Solutions Ltd, the creator of Prism: premium nursery management software.